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Energetic Reflection Channeling™ Course

Energetic Reflection Channeling™ Course

With this 12 week channeling course you will experience a wide array of divinely inspired wisdom, teachings, and understandings as Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other Ascended Masters shine new Light on old and current energy in all dimension’s.

In this program you will experience in depth studies in:

Full Body Trance Channeling

Channeling Messages – Hearing, Speaking & Feeling

Psychic Awareness Development

Ego Mastery

Rise Above Your Ego

Overcoming Doubts & Resistance

Light Body Activations

Channeling Light Language

Becoming The Oracle

Karma Clearing

Clearing Negative Vibration and Stagnant Energy

How to Perform a Energetic Reflection Channeling Client Session



With this program we will meet 2 times per month for 3 month as a group. You will have homework and practice partners. If you have chosen to take this program with the mentoring we will meet 1 on 1; once a week for 4 sessions.


In addition, we will have 2 additional bonus classes which have yet to be scheduled.


PLEASE NOT: If there is a day you are unable to attend, I have established make-up system in place to keep you moving forward with the rest of the class.


September 7th @ 5:30 pm

September 23 rd @ 5:00 pm

October 5th @ 5:30 pm

October 19th @ 5:30 pm

November 2nd @ 5:30 pm

November 16th @ 5:00 pm

November 30th @ 5:00 pm


Course Only Paid in Full: $1300

Payment Plans: (4 Payments $340) or (2 Payments $666)


Course With Mentoring: $1600

Payment Plans Available: (4 payments $422) or (2 Payments $811)

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