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Smudging & Blessing Kit

Smudging & Blessing Kit

Smudging is an act of purification and connection with nature. Smudging allows people to stop, slow down, and become mindful and centered. This will enable people to remember, connect, and be grounded in the event, task, or purpose at hand and also allows people to let go of negative feelings and thoughts. The ashes traditionally are returned to mother earth by disposing them outside on bare soil - it is believed that the ashes have absorbed the negative thoughts and feelings.

The smoke from smudging elevates our intentions and prayers, connecting us with the earth and the universe.

It’s recommended to do a smudging when moving into a new home and or into new work space.

All products in this kit are exclusively with the intent of providing a natural, healing, and deep energetic cleaning bringing peace, tranquility and blessings to your home or space.

What’s included in the kit:

Smudge Burner

Container is used for smudging

Blessing Candle

The Blessing candle is Handcrafted and powered with Prayer, Healing Energy and Reiki for maximum potency.

It has a mix of herbs perfect for Cleansing and Blessing your space. This mix contains mix of herbs including White Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender Buds, Rose petals, Yellow Calendula Petals, Rosemary and more.

It clears negative energies from objects, persons, aids in physical healing, purifying, clears the mind bringing peace, joy and healing to your space, enhances psychic powers, protection and more.

Energetic Pyramid

Symbol of fire, ancient divine geometry of the human race, connector between the celestial and earthly worlds, power from the Sun, energy of life, transformation and conductor of cosmic energies. This pyramid is covered with crystals of yagra and frankincense to increase its generating power of consciousness and connection, capable of taking our message or request to the end of universal space, transforming and materializing what we thought difficult to achieve.

Frankincense/Charcoal disc

Frankincense: the god of resins, connector between the earth and spiritual world, holy purifying essence, protector of the universe- his celestial tear drops flood the space of love, peace and prosperity, giving rise to the opening of consciousness and evolution of the inner feeling, maximizing our divine essence.

Orange Peel Smudge Bundle

Dry orange peel and frankincense in essence are the power of transformation, fertility and happiness. Oranges, associated with the sun, give vital energy and imply new rebirth with creativity and expansion of consciousness. This bundle, when in use, cleanses and purifies the body and the mind.

Lavender Smudge Bomb

The Lavender Smudge is purifying, and cleansing properties are relaxing, healing and spiritual- releasing personal blocks and attracting positive energies. We add to its power of incense, giving opening, purification and spiritual connections. This smoke contains aromatic herbs that pervade Rosemary connecting power- the tough protection power, plus cedar power of transformation.

Double Combination Incense

These incense sticks and have 2 layers- the first containing Palo Santo, which purifies, attracts light, love and protection to spaces, the second layer contains myrrh and frankincense resins that provide deep cleansing, attracts heightened states of consciousness, liberates the soul and spaces of dense energies, thus opening the way to new awakening in our lives.


Start by lightening the Blessing Candle (Let it burn for no more than 1 hour), Set your intention. Start by burning first the Frankincense/Charcoal Disc. The following day burn the Energetic Pyramid. The rest of the Incense and Smudge bombs can be burned as you feel you need to smudge your place or setting intention when doing inner work.

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