8 Week Mentoring Program

8 Week Mentoring Program

Program starts: This program starts as soon as you are ready to start your Transformation.


My program provided the safety, guidance, empowerment, and accountability to support you in reclaiming your power, your truth and your freedom to live your best life. It includes One Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions with mentoring coaching as well as email and text support in between sessions for brief questions, sharing celebrations and inspiration.


With this program we meet once a week for 8 weeks either in person or through Zoom.


Mentoring and coaching with me is a divinely organized process! I am here to assist you in providing a sacred space and place, diving into helping you locate the answers within yourself. My 10+ years in finance, intuitive energy healing, certified hypnotherapist, life coach, metaphysical, spiritual, and Certified in Rapid transformational therapy, including meditation, mindset breath work, reiki, channeling and more!


With this program you will embark on a quest for self-healing in which you will transform soul wounds into sources of power and wisdom. You will discover your own wisdom within your own healing journey. Please let me know if you have any additional questions payment options available.

    $1,100.00 Regular Price
    $800.00Sale Price