Zoom Retreat Restore your soul - The power of love

Zoom Retreat Restore your soul - The power of love

Join the many who have had a miraculous results in transforming their lives in a positive way with tools for their daily practice. 😇

These retreats have a cleansing effect on the energy body, mind, and soul as we purify and cleanse our energy field energizing it with positive energies and healing emotions that might have been stuck for a while.

You will leave the retreat feeling inner peace, clarity and a direct connection to your higher self filled with an abundance of love 💕 💗

In this retreat you will experience a powerful energy healing and tools such as:

• Group healing session with messages to everyone from the Divine and the Universe.

• Sound healing and connection to your higher self.

• Exercises to let go of what no longer serves you and surrendering.

• Connecting with the power of love to shift your vibration.

Here is what is included with your ticket:

1 - Goodie Bag (Filled with some magic 😉) will be mailed to you.

1 - Raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a total transformation package (1-RTT session with mentoring program, value $1400)

The retreat usually runs between 3 to 5 hours depending in how many participants we have.