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holistic facial


Now open for enrollment. Training is available in person or online live. 


Energetic Reflection® is a Holistic facial blended with Energy healing. The energy field of the face represents the entire field; it has hidden emotions behind the lines, wrinkles and scars, anything we do that rejuvenates our face actually rejuvenates our brain and the rest of the body as well.


Energetic Reflection helps the face to glow not just from the surface of the skin but from deep within. The face holds stuck emotions, with energetic reflection we focus on the face by working on any fine lines, wrinkles, scars and more. The client engages in the process of the energetic facial. By moving the energy of the face, it releases the hidden emotions behind the lines, wrinkles and scars. It produces a feel of well-being that radiates and shines from the inside out. Energy healing balances and harmonizes the energetic processes in the body. Facial stress energy can be removed or disintegrated and the skin is toned and nourished. This results in a refreshed, energized and healthy face.


Energetic Reflection healing uses one's own natural vital energy to accelerate the body's innate self-healing ability. Energetic Reflection energy healing facial, we will blend energy techniques that allow your body, mind and spirit to slow down and to slip into deep state of relaxation releasing stress, a major contributor of premature aging and health related concerns.


With this course you will learn:

How to perform a energy healing facials, holistic facials, stress relief & well being energetic facials by learning how to move the energy from the face to release stuck emotions, Read the energy of the face, discovering the hidden emotions behind each fine line, wrinkles and scars, open up the face energy field, ground, clear and protect your energy field and to blend the purest quality essential oils ingredients for your clients sessions.

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Castroville, CA 95012

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