Rental Opportunity 

Yoga Class


Why rent space at Transforming Lives Holistic & Wellness?
To share your gifts, knowledge, & experience with the World! 
•Are you an Instructor that is looking on expanding your offerings? 
•Do you have clients that would love private events? 
•Do you want to offer workshops or classes?
The zen loft is aprox. (475 Sqf) available from 7am to 8pm. Contact to book multiple hours and days.
Weekdays $30 per hour 
Weekends $35 per hour
Studios are equipped with floor pillows, folding chairs and a folding tables. Loft feature beautiful yoga flooring, remote control candlelight, Wifi, and bluetooth speaker.

The Zen RoomAvailable   9am to 7pm
$20 per hr Weekdays or $125 per day
$23 per hr Weekends or $140 per day
The room is equipped with massage bed, aromatherapy, remote control candlelight, WiFi, and Bluetooth speaker.